September 3-5 2021
The 7th International Journalism Festival

MezhyhiryaFest gathers Ukrainian and international journalists, anti-corruption/ transparency activists, policy-makers and media experts for an annual investigative journalism conference. The main goals are to share experiences, discuss urgent challenges, build new networks and support the journalistic community, as well as to award the best investigative work
The pandemic, by depriving people of personal contact for a long time, has significantly accelerated the technologization of media. No more off-the-record and personal conversations with sources - the information is received in front of the computer. Dozens of phone applications are involved in every step of creating an investigation, which used to be kept secret even from colleagues.

In a short period of time, the COVID pandemic proved that it is impossible to hide away from technology. Technology now controls the professional life of journalists. The only possible response is to master technologies: learn to code, learn how to manage YouTube and social media algorithms. But could technology eliminate investigative journalism as we know it?

At this year's Mezhyhirya Fest: Dictatorship of Tech we will talk about how we can use technology to make investigative work better, how AI has become part of our work, what technologies are already being used by the leading media, and what is coming. And of course, how this all transforms investigative journalism and its impact.
of Tech
Traditionally the festival is split into 2 parts:
Investigations Hall
where we talk about leading journalistic investigations from all over the world. We start with personal speeches from media managers, then continue with two panel discussions on the main topic of the festival and a panel about the current state of journalism in Belarus. The final activity for the evening is the Investigation of the Year Award Ceremony and a concert.
Management Garden
where we talk about the best management practices in media companies, main trends and technologies. We start with personal speeches from media managers, then we have two panel discussions about new monetization models and a panel about investments in media.
MezhyhiryaFest was born out of an annual tradition of Kyiv investigative journalists to come to the residence of former authoritarian president Viktor Yanukovych on Journalism Day (June 6 in Ukraine) and try to meet with the secretive president. Yanukovych never met with them.

After the 2014 Revolution of Dignity, the residence, known as Mezhyhirya, was opened to the public. Journalists from across the CEE region again gathered each Journalism Day to celebrate the profession, discuss the challenges they faced and explore solutions.

Novi Petrivtsi village, Kyiv Oblast | Ukraine
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